Creative Destruction for PC and Android Review

There is a pattern that is becoming more and more clear when it comes to battle royale games. It shows that the idea or game uniqueness is not the primary driver of gamers towards these releases, but that the game has to be well-formed and functional. In the case of Creative Destruction, there is a sense of Fortnite running through the entire game, from the way it looks to the overall gunplay feel and basic mechanics of fighting, looting, and building.

However, there is also an additional factor. The game looks feels and plays great. Check out more on that in my Let’s Play video of Creative Destruction:

The guns are fun, the essential battle royale elements like the narrowing blue zone are all here and the duels between other players can be anything starting with revolver matches and going all the way to sniper competitions that take players high above on their quickly-built towers. All encounters and movements, going right from the first landing in the battle royale setting show the game’s pure strengths in terms of gameplay. Simply put, there is fun to be had in any part of the island!

Colorful, fast and dynamic, it is no wonder that the game has over 10 million installations from Google Play. It is even less wonder that countless individuals are flocking to find ways to play Creative Destruction for PC. Naturally, in this case, is the best solution not just for this game but any Android apps that you would want to play on your PC.

Like I suspected in my Let’s Play from a few months ago, the fandom behind Creative Destruction was only starting to grow. Back then, the game had between three and four million players. Today, the same number has doubled. If you want to get on the Creative Destruction action, try the game right now for free.


Not that original, but more than fun.