Wishlist for November 2018: Farabel (Turn-Based Strategy)

There's a new turn-based game that recently came out and it drew my attention because of a single reason - the inversion of a storyline. Sure, narrative-based games are all about the story and how the plot delivers it to the player, but strategies (not counting brilliance of narrative like StarCraft) are usually pretty story-light titles.

Farabel is a game that decided not to pursue that direction. Here, the players begin with Cendor, their hero, who is maxed-out with all of his powers - basically, at the end of a game that features a regular timeline. But, as the game progresses, it goes back in time and with each challenge, the same hero becomes slightly weakened.

While some might say that this is only a cheap way to deliver a set of challenges, it still provides an interesting twist to a genre that desperately needs as many of these as possible. I can't say more about the actual gameplay because I haven't tried it, but the low-poly visuals certainly look cool.

Android turn-based strategy game Farabel is available right here for $2.85. If you get a chance to try it out let me know what you think of it and its story.