Twitch Stream Showcase: AntedrigusManor

AntedrigusManor is a native English Twitch streamer who has that precious ability which you can either be blessed with thanks to nature/nurture, or you work very hard on it - his delivery sounds and feels completely unforced. Instead of watching a person who is “really intensely doing gaming”, you get a sense of a real person who is really enjoying what he’s doing. The same goes for the building of an accepting community growing around this channel and everyone’s desire to be decent and friendly to one another.

In spite of the overall laid-backness AntedrigusManor still follows a weekly schedule. Here, you can see him play a range of games - the most recent one is Conker's Bad Fur Day, but there is also For Honour, Monster Hunter World, and Dead Cells in there. Another big part of the stream is the regular playing of D&D, followed by Magic: The Gathering - both of these tell you plenty about who Antedrigusmanor is and how he likely grew up.

When not on his Twitch, you can find the same person on his Discord and Twitter. But, check out AntedrigusManor Twitch stream and become a part of his positive and growing community.