Pocket Build is now Free on Android

Premium apps going free is always a cool piece of news and now, a fantasy building simulation called Pocket Build is one of them. As of recently, Pocket Build apk can be downloaded from Google Play for no charge whatsoever - this perfectly represents the idea behind the game itslef. In Pocket Build, you are free to build and develop your own peronal fantasy location. 

The Pocket Build free game, just like the premium one before it, features no limitation on the building process like having a in-game currency or some kind of a cool-down process. Instead, each Pocket Builder can simply take the elements and combine them into their own fantasy village, town, castle, keep or anything else in the manner free of F2P game elements.

The Pocket Build game is primarily a simulation, which makes it an open-ended sandbox experience. It also offers an awesome 3D low poly graphics that do look amazing. However, judging by the reviews and ratings, it fills this role very well and has a legion of fans. The developers, MoonBear LTD, continue to issue updates of the game and improve it regularly. Now, you can check out the game and join the same vibrant community if you always wanted to build your won fantasy location.