Odd and Mysterious - Terminator: Survival Android Game

This is a piece of Android gaming news that you can't quite put your finger on. The Terminator franchise is huge by all account - Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which is the 1991 film by James Cameron is by all accounts the best action movie of all time. Even now, with a series of not-so-successful releases, the franchise is going strong as it ever did. This is why a game like Terminator: Survival is an odd appearance. Made by Mogol Games (this is their first Android game release), this game is a card battle experience.

We recently saw how much effort and money is going into the Elder Scrolls mobile game. This franchise game, however, feels like exactly the opposite and more in line with the hidden object X-Files game. It puts the players in the period of the first Terminator film, with the objective of fighting the iconic T-800 killing machines of chromed steel. As far as I can see, the game utilizes the principle of characters, tools/weapons and moves/attacks (this is a very wild guesstimate, I’ll try out the game at some later date). The gameplay, for some reason, is in portrait mode, followed by an odd visual style that is, I’m guessing, trying to imitate the late 80s and early 90s highly-developed pixel art composition and color schemes.

The Terminator: Survival gameplay, as well as the entire app, looks very dark, mainly thanks to the backdrop, while the whole visual design is very toned-down and gray-black in nature. So far, the game has a handful of reviews and most are not that flattering. All in all, I’m not quite sure how or why did Terminator: Survival Android game get made, but currently, it is experiencing the fate of most of the new movies in the series. Try it out for yourself here.