Turbo Chase Review

Turbo Chase game, while in no way perfect, shows how much has the single-developer experience changed and shifted over the previous decades. Before, the path of the solo developers was based on these two alternatives - the stars or the gutter. Sure, there have been some names that came out of that period and who became legends of the community (Bennett Foddy is a name that comes to mind). However, it has left countless more in the muck of no money and no fame, while many of them still made noteworthy games that no one ever heard about.

Today, the situation has changed and Kirill Brodski shows that the middle ground between the best and the worst (worst in the sense of a mixture that combines hard work, talent, and luck). Turbo Chase is an Android game that stands on its two feet. In this endless driving action arcade, the players control a retro-futuristic 3D vehicle which is traveling on a highway, avoiding others and shooting up those that the game targets for them.

The action is followed by a cool soundtrack and the whole vibe shows an old arcade atmosphere. There are some issues, like the dual thumb control setup places in the portrait mode (hard and uncomfortable to master). There is also a car upgrade and money collection system that is less than clear. However, as a counter-balance to this, the gameplay itself is fun and the monetization principle of reward and watching is not intrusive.

In all, for a single dev operation, Turbo Chase is a great one-person effort and potentially a doorway to something a lot bigger and better. Follow Kirill and his work, I’m sure this is just the start.


Imperfect but very fun endless driving action arcade. Download it right here!