Twitch Stream Showcase: Remyliebs!

If you enjoy Twitch, there's a cool streamer that is just starting out, but you should check him out nonetheless. He's called remyliebs and you can learn more about his Twitch stream right here

As of now, remyliebs is all about the hottest online action games in the world, which means Fortnite and Overwatch. Clearly, both of these are huge hits on Twitch as well as YouTube and pretty much anything that can cover a gaming video stream. 

Also, both of these are on the precipice of making it big in the eSports arena, so remyliebs is right on the money with starting his streaming career with them. Fortnite in particular will blow up even further with the recent porting to Android, so the market for its streams and gameplay videos is only gearing up. 

Thanks to all of this, it is clear that any fans of Overwatch, Fortnite and awesome action gaming in general should give remyliebs a chance. Visit his Twitch stream right here and send him some love!