Gaming Crowdfunding: FPS Mouse for the Handicapped

The concept of accessibility in gaming is something we’ve been discussing for years, if not decades. Often, it takes the form of how to design the games themselves. However, it is a lot rarer to hear or see that something is being done when it comes to the physical devices used for gaming. FPS Mousefor the handicapped is a GoFundMe campaign that is determined to change thisthrough a simple yet ingenious concept - producing a mouse that allows peoplewho use only one hand to play first-person shooters.

FPS games are one of the biggest genres in gaming ever since the late 1990s and the future holds a similar trend. All of this time, people who do not have the ability use of both of their hands have been left out – the gameplay setup for these games is either mouse and keypad or a dual stick controller action.

The FPS Mouse for the handicapped could allow all of that to change. As the device prototype concept shows, the idea is to utilize a small joystick-like button on the side of the mouse that would be used for movement. Next to it would be a range of buttons, all of which could attain some command function for a particular game. All of this is not just very double in terms of technology, but it is a wonder there are no similar devices currently on the market.

The GoFundMe campaign supporting the device just got underway and it is seeking $50,000 for its development. The donations would be the first step to getting the device a patent and then making a prototype. The people behind the campaign are looking to have both of these ready by 2019.

It is important to think about those gamers who have different physical and mental capabilities than the majority of the population. The FPS Mouse for the handicapped is a device that could make a world of difference for all those first-person shooter players who can only use one hand for their gaming sessions.