How to Start receiving Bitcoin in Whimsical War

The Android game called Whimsical War made a huge amount of headlines a few months ago when it revealed that it will start giving Bitcoin to its players, beginning with August 2018. While the news was big, the follow-up info wasn’t and a lot of people, including the players of the game, were completely in the dark when and how will this process actually start and go through.

The answer is surprisingly simple, only it was badly communicated. Here’s the explanation on the official FAQ page of the game:

You can obtain Bitcoin through Ranking Rewards.
Collecting 5,000 Orbs, you can reach Hero League. At Hero League, you compete for the number of Orbs obtained in each season. Also, depending on the number of Orbs obtained in each season, you receive rewards such as Season Rewards or Ranking Rewards.
Please click here for details about rewards.
You need to register a Bitcoin address in order to receive Bitcoin as Ranking Rewards.

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to add your Bitcoin address. Finally, here’s what you can expect at the end of each season in terms of Bitcoin amounts (all values are in JPY, so you’ll probably need to use a calculator to figure out the actual value in your currency). In short, the smallest seasonal prize is about 1 USD, while the biggest is around 15 USD.

Hope this helps!