Whimsical War Review and the Bitcoin Deal (Video)

Whimsical War is one of those bitcoin games for Android that are not as of yet paying out BTC, but they should start soon and do this on a huge level. The company behind this game is GMO, an enormous Internet business in Japan that is planning to introduce BTC rewards for those who are willing to invest time and effort into mastering Whimsical War gameplay. While GMO has some experience with cryptocurrency, this development is very different. 

The payers of Whimsical War will apparently get bitcoin as a direct reward (no gambling or sweepstakes stuff) and this whole deal should be a marketing tactic, as well as GMO's promotion of the actual payment mechanism tech they also own. As a product, it could be even more important to the company than any successful game. Here’s my take on the entire release in a Let’s Play video.

In terms of gameplay, as this Whimsical War review shows, the game is very similar to Clash Royale and offers an almost identical experience. Here too you have your mana and it acts as a cost for your units, which you drop from a form of a card to the actual unit on the battleground.

The only difference is the fact that this game focuses on the territorial gains of the units, instead of going just for the destruction of the opponent's tower. Not a huge change, especially because it looks like often players do kill off the weaker opponent, but Whimsical War still manages to end up feeling like a pretty engaging mobile strategy game.


We’ll have to wait and see how all that bitcoin stuff works. Download the game right here!