Cosmo Race Review

Cosmo Race is a free Android multiplayer game in which the players take control of a single character that must complete a number of laps on a predefined course in a 6-person race. However, they can choose if they want to run either on one side or the other of the same "race track", which gives the game a great level of flexibility but also ramps up its unpredictability.

Being that this is a cosmic race game, the player avatars can jump off the walls and defy gravity, providing the game a simple set of controls which are a basic left-right side of the screen taps. Here's my video of the Cosmo Race gameplay, but be warned, some of my voice-overs did not go too well:

With a simplistic setup, cool infographics-like visuals and plenty of competitive spirits (you can choose the country for which you want to run) Cosmo Race gameplay is definitely an engaging experience with plenty of exceptional game feel moments.


Fun, fast and different! Download the game right here!