Captain Tom Galactic Traveler Review (Video)

Captain Tom Galactic Traveler is an award-winning Android platformer. In its core, it is a sort of cross-breed between a regular 2D platformer and a space exploration game. It’s set in a weird universe where an astronaut loses its cat to a space wormhole and begins a galactic adventure to get it back. A big part of the experience of the game show gravity works in space where its pull is either missing or very localized.

This is why playing it is an interesting process, mainly because the players have to figure out what is happening. This is especially evident when it comes to jumping from one planet to the next, with the possibility of a new adventure is always in the cards for ye old space captain Tom. Here's me playing a bit of the game:

Finally, the game’s pixel art style is interesting in a very minimized environment of the black universe and white planets, landers and characters. While the actual pixel art game style is 3D rendered, it has a vintage feel to it that works with the rest of the Captain Tom Galactic Traveler game mechanics very well.


Quirky and nice looking platformer for all fans of stylized outer space. Download the game right here!