Tiny Archers (Tiny) Review

In Tiny Archers, the players take control of a tiny archer that has to defend his or her tower from tiny goblins using tiny arrows that can be armor-piercing (against tiny armor, of course), freezing or explosive (using tiny detonation). The gameplay is based on the aiming process that is achieved by quickly assessing the trajectory of the arrow and the position of the tiny enemy (OK, I'm stopping with the tiny thing). Aside from this, the game uses a standard free-to-play system which luckily isn’t punishing or too in-your-face.

But, the game’s biggest appeal is its 3D graphics and the cute visual style. The game looks gorgeous, done just right for the whole cartoon, high-fantasy feel it is going for.


For anyone into tower defense and artillery games, Tiny Archers is the stuff they’re after. Download it here!