The X-Files: Deep State Review (Video)

The X-Files: Deep State hidden object game is set in the universe of the X-Files series. It begins with a couple of weird detectives beginning a new investigation in a werid family. In the game, things are weird even when they are not supposed to. Essentially, it's a HOPA with monsters and aliens, while the whole deal works exactly like the Criminal Case core gameplay. Check out me playing the game below: 

The game also shares its graphic style (only a worse variation) with the big HOG release that took Facebook by storm some years ago. I doubt that this game will do the same. The game is not really brimming with quality. The same goes for the gameplay mechanics and the dialog and overall narrative, where UFO mysteries and similar things are nowhere to be seen (at least at the beginning).


I’m pretty sure things do not get much better later on for this heavily-branded hidden object release. Download the game right here!