White Sniper HD - Vector Run Review (Video)

White Sniper HD - Vector Run is a compact endless runner Android game that puts the players in the white shoes of a covert sniper now on the run from the law on the rooftops of some unnamed megacity. Similar to, for example, Super Mario Run, the game uses two types of tap on the screen as its basic commands (and the only ones) - short and long jump. You can see the same in my gameplay of the starting missions:

Both are difficult to master and my initial few minutes of gameplay didn’t result in a great (or even okayish) score. However, it is the gameplay and the overall game feel where White Sniper HD  really performs well, which is why it beckons for a new attempt. In other words, the replayability, so crucial to endless games, is definitely here. This, along with a nice graphics environment (especially the parallax background) makes it a fun endless runner by all standards.


Good endless fun without any bothersome elements. Get the game right here!